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Jonas Bosson: Software Patents rejected, but not in Europe.

Planet FFII - Wed, 23/12/2015 - 15:48
2015 has seen more hideous software patents rejected world wide.
Roy has a good summary:

Patent maximalists are now turning to Europe and the European Patent Office, EPO, to secure abstract software patents. Again Roy does a great job in covering patents in Europe too: 

The European situation is worrying as countries are ready to surrender national reign in patents to the new Unified Patent Court. The new court is specialized, created in cooperation with EPO and governed by a international treaty. It will make it hard for Europeans to balance innovation policy and patent practice.

Europe is now undermining its real innovators by creating a self serving bubble for the patent community, self serving in generating exclusive rights and punishing trespassers. Mega corporations and patent trolls that secure wast monopolies in abstract matters can soon use the system to tax innovators via EPO using software patents directly via UPCs one size fits all "golden hammer". 

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